Grandfather Mountain

banner elkMajestic Grandfather Mountain rests in the southern end of the Blue Ridge Mountain chain, and is one of the highest, and oldest mountains in all of the Southeast. It is believed to have formed during the shifting of the earth’s plates some 742 million years ago, however various rock formations have been studied and are believed to date back to 1.1 billion years ago.

For several centuries, Grandfather Mountain North Carolina served as a Cherokee hunting area. The tribe often called the area “Tanawha” which means “a fabulous hawk or eagle”. Early European settlers and explorers in the region began referring to the mountain peak as “Grandfather” as views of Grandfather from afar show an almost perfect profile of an old man, lying down on his back. There are several different “views” of the Grandfather face, however the most popular profile can be seen from Highway 105, approximately 7 miles from Linville in the little town of Foscoe.

sugar mountain golfVisiting Grandfather Mountain is a fun event for the whole family! There are several great things to do atop the mountain and the area abounds with beautiful mountain scenery. Perhaps the most famous feature of Grandfather Mountain is the Mile High Swinging Bridge. The bridge is suspended by cables, between two rock outcroppings, and visitors are allowed to casually walk across and enjoy the views all around and even below! It is a this site that one can look 360 degrees around and see a plethora of mountain peaks; simply the very BEST view in the area! From the Swinging Bridge and peak area of Grandfather one can access the many Grandfather Mountain hiking trails that are found along the mountain. Some of the best alpine hiking trails are found here, so be sure to wear your hiking gear when visiting this attraction.

Also atop the mountain are environmental animal habitats for the native wildlife on the mountain. Here, black bears, cougars, otters, eagles, deer and their babies all live peacefully and are on full display in their natural habitats. A special team of veterinarians, and other animal specialists maintain the habitats and the animal’s health. To learn more about the early inhabitants of the North Carolina High Country, browse through the Natural History Museum located at the top of Grandfather. With fun exhibits, interesting articles and exciting things to look at, the Natural History Museum is a great place to go indoors for a moment and beat the heat!

For over 50 years Grandfather Mountain has been one of the best places to visit in North Carolina and certainly one of the more famous attractions in the High Country. Grandfather Mountain North Carolina is just one of the many things to do in Western North Carolina and is the High Country’s top scenic attraction. Living atop Sugar Mountain at Sugar Top you’ll enjoy phenomenal views of this beautiful mountain and nature preserve. Browse our listings of Sugar Mountain Real Estate for sale and contact us today!