sugar top resort ncSugar Mountain rests high in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and as such enjoys a beautiful four season climate. Because our area has several elevation changes and seasonal climate changes there really is no accurate average temperature for the region. It can be said that in the High Country, the weather is always divine, no matter what season. Visitors who own their own Sugar Mountain rental or condo love to visit at various times of the year to enjoy the many different things each season offers.

With an elevation of 4,432 feet, Sugar Mountain’s weather tends to be a bit cooler than temperatures off the mountain, making it a haven in the summer months for those looking to escape the heat. Typically in the warmer months temperatures average around the low to mid 70’s with a slight cool breeze creating the perfect afternoon conditions for a round of golf at Sugar Mountain Resort. Also, this time of year is perfect for tennis, fishing, horseback riding, and hiking, which abounds throughout Sugar Mountain.

sugar top resortIn autumn, Sugar Mountain NC becomes a leaf watcher’s paradise as the mountain slopes turn colors of vibrant reds and oranges. Temperatures dip into the low 40’s usually at night during these months, however the crisp autumn days are perfect for hiking or mountain biking around Sugar Mountain. Also during this time, Sugar Mountain Resort runs chairlift rides up and down the mountain so you can see the color display across the surrounding slopes.

In the winter, Sugar Mountain becomes a white wonderland and a skiers dream! Our region receives just the right amount of snowfall to blanket the entire region and create some fantastic ski conditions. Temperatures hardly ever reach above the freezing mark, so be sure to bundle up, however if you enjoy snowy, blizzard like conditions, you’ll thoroughly enjoy the winters atop Sugar Mountain! Sugar Mountain Resort is a great place to enjoy the snow with excellent skiing, snow boarding, snow tubing, and ice skating.

Come and enjoy the beauty that abounds year around at Sugar Mountain. At Sugar Top, we offer the finest Sugar Mountain Real Estate and premier properties, so contact us today!